06 November, 2017

"Give Me an 'S' . . . "

As the pages continue to fall from the calendar, we here at SMW Home delight at the approach of Autumn.  The scent of raked leaves.  The feel of our new collection of cozy, tartan scarves.  And the excitement of cheering your local football team. 
Get ready to bundle up and show your support in the stands with our selection of vintage stadium blankets in an array of classic tartans.  We have a marvelous collection of one-of-a-kind camp blankets as well as cashmere and lambswool options - perfect for everything from an afternoon tailgate party to the bitter end of the 4th quarter.
Take a look at part our jaunty selection . . . 

 To completely wrap yourself in tartan - take a look at our entire collection of wool, cashmere, and fur throws - and let's cheer on the home team to victory!


04 November, 2017

"Kilts 101 . . . "


Whenever the fall temperatures begin to drop - even the slightest - it always puts me in the mood to break out my kilt and give my legs a bit of breathing room.  Here are a few lesser-known facts about the origins and uses of the modern kilt!

1) Kilts: The Original Swiss Army Knife

 A kilt, a blanket, a scarf, even a tent! The original kilt was just about as utilitarian as it gets. With a bi-fold over the belt, the top half was often worn over the shoulders for added warmth.
2) No pockets? No problem!

Because kilts aren’t equipped with pockets, sporrans serve as a wallet that have the added functionality of keeping the front flap of your kilt safely in place. 

3) Kilt pin safety

The nature and weight of wool means that it has little to no give, so pinning the top layer to the bottom will risk tearing these tartan treasures. The kilt pin is meant to be pinned only to the outer flap of the kilt to add weight. Typically they’re pinned between mid-thigh and upper knee.
4) Pleats must be precise.

Probably the most fascinating thing is that the pleating technique is done just so that the tartan pattern has uniformity with the flat pieces. The result is both impressive and beautiful.

5) Keeping those pleats in place can get tricky.

Sitting is the easiest way to mess up the beautiful pleating. So in order to keep the tartan from wrinkling, Scot recommends the “sweep and scoot” method when sitting down. Carefully sweep the pleats flat to your bum as you sit on the edge of a chair and scoot back.

6) The Gentlemen's Commando.
Traditionally, wearing a kilt means going sans underwear. But with a little care, you can keep to tradition while also keeping things PG. Kilts are incredibly heavy, so unless it’s particularly windy, you’re not likely to encounter any Marilyn moments. However, the added weight of a sporran and kilt pin serve as an extra measure for keeping things under wraps (pun intended).


30 October, 2017

" Guarding Breakfast . . . "


Frankly, I've never been much of a morning person.  I'll never argue that breakfast is not the most important meal of the day - but, it's also quite often a meal I gobble down in way too much of a hurry.  If you have the same issues - I might have found a solution for all of us . . . Because HOW cute are these little treasures that I found in England?!?!?!?

I'm always going to be a sucker for a bit of whimsy on my breakfast table and these adorable pieces most certainly fit the bill.  Take a look . . . 

Imported from England - and hand-painted stoneware perfectly safe for your dishwasher.  Take a look at the entire barnyard of options - and let me know which one in your favourite!  

Moooooo -

17 October, 2017

"Embracing Fall . . . "

It's just starting to happen here in San Francisco: There's a magical moment when it ceases to be summer and you know that fall has arrived. One of the first signs for me is seeing crossing guards ushering elementary students to the school in our neighborhood. 

Often that 'sense' of fall arrives before the calendar season or the chilly weather does - and our homes are a great place to celebrate that change. It's time to start nesting a bit and get things in order before that first evening by firelight gets here. And what better way than to use all of our senses? Below are some of my favorite things that you can enjoy with me.

Fall and winter have always been very tactile seasons for me. There's something iconic about that first evening sleeping under an extra blanket, or feeling the specific sensation of wool flannel next to my skin. So as I start getting my own home ready for fall, it all starts with the textiles - SMWHome's faux fur throw or maybe our wool decorative pillows, possibly a heavy gauge wool or cashmere throw for the sofa. Most anything that says snuggle is a great place to start - even our brand new collection of men's tartan scarves.

Whether we're talking about scented candles or the aroma of apple pies in the oven, smell is always one of the most evocative senses. With the new season, take a quick look at your candles and see if any need replacing. Maybe try a more woodsy scent? Our SMW Home Signature Candle is a bestseller for a reason!

What looks prettier than a sparkling table-setting, ready for your guests? I'm pleased to share our new elk, owl and pheasant tableware, or if that's not your cup of tea, we have antique teacups to make entertaining cozy.

Okay, being well-organized is clearly not one of the senses, but, let's call this one a "sense of calm." I'm much more of a fan of fall cleaning than spring cleaning. After a long summer of outdoor activities and vacationing, I see fall as an excellent time to turn my eyes away from the garden and start getting my interiors ready for entertaining, with the perfect barware or the perfect gift!

28 September, 2017

"SMW Home Does Dallas . . . "

Greetings Y'all,

I'm excited to be back from my adventures in Dallas.  We were honored to be chosen to design the powder room and mud room for the first Dallas Showcase House, sponsored by Traditional Home.  Besides, my need to design dramatic spaces, I'm also excited that we were able to debut the newest additions to Scot Meacham Wood Home.  Enjoy a few images from the Showhouse featuring our new textiles, wall coverings, and floor coverings!  And remember - you can always "Shop Dallas Showcase" at SMW Home. 

I love the contrast between these classic 
bold Victoria Botanical textile. 

A big thank you to Theodore Alexander for sponsoring the 
furniture in our rooms. Isn't this Aside Table amazing?
Here is a view of our Robert Walker Tartan Wallpaper
I love the artwork of Lindsay Cowles in contrast to our new paper. 
Don't forget, SMW Home will be donating 
10% of all sales to the Alzheimer's Association 
for the next four weeks. 


19 September, 2017

"SMW Home Supports The Alzheimer's Association . . . "

Mary Ann Wood 1932-2014
We're excited to be featured at the Dallas Showcase House sponsored by Traditional Home, opening this weekend in Southlake, Texas.  The house is amazing - and I'm delighted to be included in such a talented collection of interior designers from all across the United States.  Equally important, I'm proud that the proceeds from the events are supporting the important work of the Alzheimer's Association.  Alzheimer's is effecting an entire generation of Americans - including my own sweet mother who passed away almost three years ago.
To help contribute to their amazing work - SMW Home is proud to announce that starting TODAY and continuing for the next four weeks, 10% of our sales will be donated directly to the Alzheimer's Association.  Start shopping and start giving.

To purchase Showhouse Tour tickets click here.

26 July, 2017

"The Simple Bar Necessities . . . "


With Summer entertaining in full-swing - it's always best to be sure that your bar is fully stocked and ready to party.  Have a look through our jaunty selection of barware at Scot MeachamWood Home - and be sure that you are the hit of the night!

Also don't forget about our SMW Home Barware Give-Away.  Just "like" our SMW Home Facebook page for a chance to win this set - valued at over $250.00 - the set includes a pair of our ElkHead Cocktail Glasses, a vintage cocktail shaker, and a set of our SMW Home Cocktail Napkins.  Good luck - and cheers to Summer.  Contest ends at midnight August 6th - and the winner is announced August 7th.


19 July, 2017

"SMW Home Giveaway . . . "

Thanks to each one of you and your generous support, Scot Meacham Wood Home is having an amazing year - and since you can't join us for a celebratory cocktails, let us join you. 

Enter for a chance to win this perfect cocktail service for two valued at over $250! The prize includes a pair of SMW Home Elk Head Glasses, a Set of Custom Cocktail Napkins, and a Vintage Cocktail Shaker.  

To enter - simply "like" our Scot Meacham Wood Home Facebook page. Contest ends at midnight August 6th and we will announce the winner August 7th. 

Have a look at SMW Home's marvelous collection of Barware- and find a treasure for your own home!
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